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‘Aahma’ which means ‘to exist’ evolves around the four elements i.e Earth, Water, Fire & Wind.

Our story has its roots in 1989, when Mr Akbar Ahmad (Managing Director) laid the foundation stones for the brand AAHMA.

A deep love for nature and wildlife led him to acquire lands in the idyllic Kumaon region of Corbett and Ramgarh. While he led a distinguished public life, the visionary Mr Ahmad found peace and tranquility being amidst nature.

He passionately built a sprawling farmhouse for his family as a holiday home with an in-house poultry farm, cattle and ducks. The practice of sustainable farming that he inculcated is something we continue till date.

With the passage of time, from hosting countless family and friends over the years, the properties evolved into commercial establishments and we were able to share Mr Ahmad’s vision of nature and sustainability with a wider audience. In the late 90’s they were officially opened and were named The Corbett Riverside Resort and Cedar Lodge in Ramgarh.

Being from a political background; community building, creating jobs and sources of livelihood locally form the cornerstone of our endeavors. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are a vital part of our company ethos and we are sponsoring schools in the locality as well.

Over the past few years, the reins have been entrusted with Mr Akbar Ahmad’s capable son, Azaan Ahmad. His initiative to build his father’s legacy led to the incorporation of our new hospitality brand AAHMA in 2019.

‘Aahma’ which means ‘to exist’ evolves around the four elements i.e Earth, Water, Fire & Wind. Azaan’s vision of seamless hospitality keenly in-synch with sustainability has led to tremendous growth in our hospitality division.

Under his leadership we have incorporated a Reduced-Plastic and Paperless approach in our practice and are working tirelessly to further diminish our Carbon footprint. We want to be a proud part of an eco-friendly future.We are aware that local communities are a part of the social fabric that binds us. We reach out to them in numerous ways that include employment and a host of social, economic and cultural interactions that mutually benefit and strengthen ties between us.

We consciously remember to touch nature with sensitive hands and respect the ecosystems that support us. We believe in a participatory ethos that draws insights and inspiration from the people and cultures where we are present.
We are a proud part of the ecotourism industry!

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